Aligning Your Revenue Teams for Explosive Growth in FY24

9 in 10 sales and marketing professionals say they are misaligned across strategy, process, content, and culture (LinkedIn). The challenge is not just limited to sales and marketing, but now services, customer experience, pre-sales, and beyond. In short, anyone who impacts revenue generation.

 So, how can you bridge the gap and get everyone working together towards the same goal? 

According to Gartner, 75% of the world's highest-growth companies will deploy a revenue operations (Rev Ops) model by 2025.

What you'll learn

How to find the greatest opportunity for growth 
Build alignment in your revenue generating teams
The art of strong team collaboration and communication  
As we dive into FY24 planning season, it's time to align your revenue-generating teams for growth - so grab your coffee, and let’s get straight into it.

But why?

Well, we’re all familiar with the poisoned chalice most businesses face, breaking down the departmental silos, stopping the finger-pointing, eliminating grey areas of responsibility, and getting our revenue-generating teams aligned on the same page.

This "great divide" leaks into customer experience and ultimately harms revenue growth.  

So, how can you bridge the gap and get your team working together towards the same goal? 

Sally Carr, Expert 360

“Sales Redefined’s approach is collaborative, practical and action orientated. Our team felt empowered as they took away a highly practical and results-driven plan. Sales Redefined bring a wealth of expertise and current thinking on modern sales practices. We will be engaging Sales Redefined further and would highly recommend to other businesses.”  
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